Afternoon Delight. . .

J.Crew Summer Weight Cashmere Cardigan, $158.00

Okay, so it doesn’t look like much at first but this J.Crew cardigan IS obsession worthy. My reasoning is 3 fold: 1) It is the softest thing I have ever felt. If you don’t like the fit you may want to buy it just to sleep with every night. 2) The fit is perfect- slim in the arms, not too boxy or cropped. 3) It is truly is the perfect weight for summer. Thin and gauzy but still cozy. Perfect over a dress or tank when you enter the tundra’s of over air-conditioned coffee shops, offices, and stores. Not as stiff or boxy as a jacket and easy to stuff in you purse when you head back outside, into the jungle of nyc heat. (Let it be said, I am a practical girl!)

While people might be buying dresses and sandals to round out their summer wardrobes- this is in fact the overlooked champion of summer investments. Enjoy!


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Heads up!

I know, I know, summer has barely begun but I am already obsessed with high heeled ankle boots for fall. As soon as autumn arrives and money begins to fall from the trees (I really think this year is the year that finally happens. . .) I am buying myself a pair of these babies.
No buy-able examples yet but I will be keeping you posted.

Christian Louboutin Ankle Boots

Philip Lim’s Fall 2006 ankle inspiration

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For Reals

When I started this blog I never imagined that I would be recommending a trip to Old Navy. Old Navy tends to make me really uncomfortable. It all started at the Mall of America in 2001 when the Old Navy store there decided to hire a mentally disabled man in a wheelchair as their official “store greeter.” It was a well-meaning gesture, but consumerism it did not inspire. Anyway, its been five years and I suppose its time to forgive Old Navy for ruining my shopping day with one of the most depressing sights I have ever seen (oh, did I mention the retarded man was wearing bunny ears. . .yeah. . .)

Of course if you have ever been to Old Navy you know they tend to stock the suburban housewife specials like cargo capri’s and sleeveless collared shirts. However this summer they seem to have some seriously cute stuff. Simple cotton dresses, tanks, and some cute cheap bathing suits. I cant promise you that this stuff wont fall apart after a few wearings, but at these prices that’s all you need to make it worth your while.

Old Navy Bikini Top $9.99

Old Navy Tank $19.50

Old Navy Sundress $24.50

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Dead in the Water

Every season there is a trend I am sick of before it has fully hit the ground. This season (drum roll please): LEGGINGS. I am haunted by visions of Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, and various Urban Outfitters’ shoppers, all clad in leggings. (Please note that I still reserve the right to wear leggings whenever I want free of hypocrisy.) Now leggings are already pretty widespread. If you have great legs and a simple aesthetic I still encourage you to go for it. But I have a feeling this summer we will be exposed to leggings in the exponential vein of Uggs and Kukui Necklaces.
“Ugg” is right!

Thakoon 2.jpg
Leggings done right!

Leggings done annoying! If you are over 16 and not a pop-star please do not wear leggings in this manner.

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Mad for plaid, aint it rad, this rhyme is bad

Latest Obsession: I really want a madras dress for summer, though anything madras will do. Below are some sassy options:

Built by wendy Madras Dress.jpg
Built by Wendy Madras Tank Dress

A.P.C Madras Patchwork Dress

Jcrew Plaid Dress.jpg
J.Crew Martine Dress

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I refuse to use the word “Bling”

. . .and so should you. I was really surprised to find that the Sundance Catalog has a great selection of bohemian luxe jewelry at really good prices. This gold and diamond ring by Saundra Messinger is my personal choice.

Sandra Messinger Ring

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I’m no teenage runaway, but. . .

Does anyone else feel violated by the American apparel “ads/slideshows/soft-porn/etc.”
I’m no prude- I mean I have done some crazy shit. . .But when I look at these pictures I do feel like I’m participating in exploiting confused teenage runaways who have been pumped full of rohypnol. Images of Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, Heather Graham in Boogie Nights, and I, myself, become an unwilling Clare Quilty from Nabokov’s Lolita. I guess those are some renowned images, but somehow I don’t think Dov Charney has the auteurship to pull it off. I like the clothes but I am sick of getting visually assaulted every time I try to check out the website.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go watch some REAL porn with CONSENTING adults.
american apparel 4american apparell 3american apparell 2american apparell 1

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Color me violet. . .

Gucci Fall 2006
Gucci Fall 2006
Chloe Fall 2006
Chloe Fall 2006

I dont know if I personally am ready for purple tights off the runway but I encourage you all to embrace the trend because I do really like it. I’ll be supporting you by wearing my more subtle Sigerson Morrison Colbalt wedges. (Note the perfect heel height.)
Sigerson 1-Blu.jpg

Sigerson Morrison Wedges Spring 2006

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Leather Weather?

Leather Jkt.jpg
Jacquetta Wheeler wearing what I think is a Rick Owens Leather Jacket (Retails for about $1725.00)

I live with my parents and havent been to a psysician or dentist in years- but this is when unemployment really gets me down. I want that Jacket!

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