Recommended: Skinny Jeans with or without Skinny Genes

Paige “Blue Heights” jeans shown in black, $179.00

Just a quick post to recommend my new favorite jeans. It’s hard to know how great or useless new jeans will be until you get them home and start wearing them. My new Paige Jeans are a great surprise since I bought them on a whim. They have the cut of low rise flared jeans (which make your butt look good and keep them very comfortable) but with a perfectly tailored peg leg that looks much more modern. They don’t stretch out, they run true to size, and have nice clean features: That means no pocket details like names or crowns or diamonds and minimal whiskering (the man-made fading you get around the upper section to make jeans look broken-in and/or bizarre.) Also the weight of the denim (not too thick, not too thin)will keep everything tucked in without making you feel like Shamoo being stuffed into sausage casing.
Give ’em a whirl girl!


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Weekly: Jeers and Cheers

Paris Hilton’s “Half Glove”

Jeers for Paris and Cheers for Egotastic wrote:

“All right. Can someone please put a stop to this right now. If Paris Hilton’s demented “half glove” thing becomes a trend I will kill somebody. I mean it. And hopefully it’ll be Paris. Seriously, Uggs were one thing. Leggings, well at least they serve a function (supposedly). This glove crap is just plain retarded. As in: “That retarded kid thinks it’s cool to wear half a glove.” It isn’t cool. It’s retarded.
Please, somebody do something. Can’t we take away her “celebrity” pass? Or maybe hit her in the kneecap with a tire iron?”

Frankly I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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This Has Been Annoying me for Years

Please take this hint Jennifer: The kids aren’t wearing the toe-rings anymore. There is really no faster way to remove yourself from the ranks of classy people than to wear a toe-ring. I mean, has no one told you that? Is it a family heirloom toe-ring? Is it medical? Does it actually attach your toe to your foot? I am not sure why your love of the toe-ring has endured past the mid-nineties but I think its time to let it go.


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Runway Munday

Some inspiration to start the week.

Central Saint Martins



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So ‘Time Out’ sort of stole my thunder, but a trip to brooklyn IS in order. Brooklyn Collective in Redhook is the only place to get these amazing handpainted canvas slip ons. I want them!!!

Species by the Thousands Canvas slip-ons, $68.00

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Weekly: Jeers and Cheers

That’s right Jessica, the STRIPPER could teach you a lot about subtlety.
Jessica Simpson.jpg079m.jpg
Jessica Simpson and burlesque performer Dita Von Teese at the 2006 CFDA Awards

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Bath & Body Works, You Make Me Feel like a Natural Woman


Look past the mall decor and demographics, because I am deeming Bath & Body Works the shit! The next time you’re feeling down, and worthless, and in need of a purchase skip Barneys and boutiques and head straight to BBW. Shopping can improve your spirits but the hassles of undressing, looking in mirrors and being surrounded by perfectly quaffed shoppers can backfire. With a trip to Bath & Body Works I promise you’ll spend far less money and walk away just as satisfied. A mindless hour smelling lotion at BBW could easily replace therapy- and struggling over what to buy provides an exhilarating alternative to relationship stress.

Where Bath & Body Works once had only products of their own name they have now stocked their shelves with a variety of great, hip, and environmentally mindful brands. The Savannah Bee Company Boasts “No Petroleum-based ingredients, No Sodium Lauryl/Laureth, No Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances, or Artificial Colors.” I love Patricia Wexler’s products (of Oprah fame.) In particular the “De-Puff Eye Gel” and the “Acnostat Acne Spot Treatment.” There are also products from C.O. Bigelow, Sekkisei, and of-course their Anti-bacterial soaps that I keep at every sink.

Just be wary when you stock up on their one-dollar travel lotions in scents like Japanese Cherry Blossom, Coconut Lime, and White Tea and Ginger. I bought 4 before realizing that I have no immediate or future travel plans.

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Some Summer Hints. . .

American Apparel Canvas Bag, $30.00

Charlotte Beach Pants.jpg
Charlotte Beach Pants, $73.00

Fornarina Sandals.jpg
Fornarina Sandals, $160.00

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Avoid a Kamikaze Walk from the Subway

I made the mistake of wearing my favorite Tsubi Jeans today. By the time I got home I was so drunk from heat that all I really wanted to do was dissolve my beloved skinny jeans in acid and stock up on loose fitting cheese cloth sacks for the rest of summer.

Okay so that might be a bit extreme- here’s an alternative: Loose, pleat-front, cotton pants and shorts. Just as fashion forward as the requisite denim stovepipes, but you wont want to kill yourself after walking a block. (Also a good alternative to tiny teeny-bopper denim skirts and short shorts!)

ann demeulemeester.jpg Dries van Noten.jpg
Pleat-front looks from Ann Demeulemeester (left) and Dries Van Noten (right) Spring 2006

Theory Pleated Pant.jpg
Theory Pleated Front Pants

See by Chloe Shorts.jpg
See by Chloe Khaki Shorts

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