Weekly: Jeers and Cheers

Paris Hilton’s “Half Glove”

Jeers for Paris and Cheers for Egotastic.com. Egotastic wrote:

“All right. Can someone please put a stop to this right now. If Paris Hilton’s demented “half glove” thing becomes a trend I will kill somebody. I mean it. And hopefully it’ll be Paris. Seriously, Uggs were one thing. Leggings, well at least they serve a function (supposedly). This glove crap is just plain retarded. As in: “That retarded kid thinks it’s cool to wear half a glove.” It isn’t cool. It’s retarded.
Please, somebody do something. Can’t we take away her “celebrity” pass? Or maybe hit her in the kneecap with a tire iron?”

Frankly I couldn’t have said it better myself.


June 26, 2006. Uncategorized.

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