Recommended: Skinny Jeans with or without Skinny Genes

Paige “Blue Heights” jeans shown in black, $179.00

Just a quick post to recommend my new favorite jeans. It’s hard to know how great or useless new jeans will be until you get them home and start wearing them. My new Paige Jeans are a great surprise since I bought them on a whim. They have the cut of low rise flared jeans (which make your butt look good and keep them very comfortable) but with a perfectly tailored peg leg that looks much more modern. They don’t stretch out, they run true to size, and have nice clean features: That means no pocket details like names or crowns or diamonds and minimal whiskering (the man-made fading you get around the upper section to make jeans look broken-in and/or bizarre.) Also the weight of the denim (not too thick, not too thin)will keep everything tucked in without making you feel like Shamoo being stuffed into sausage casing.
Give ’em a whirl girl!


June 28, 2006. Uncategorized.

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  1. yma replied:

    i’m lovin’ this pun tpm!

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