Summer Skin Secret

Okay, it’s not actually a secret. It’s really just a tip. But alliteration is so nice.
For some people humidity does their skin wonders. For me the build up of sweat (and some tears from misery) and the dirt that sticks to sweat and tears cause my skin to break OUT. Washing my face all day dries it out and moisturizer sweats out as soon as I hit the heat. (Is anyone else having these issues?) But I have found a solution. Clarins alcohol-free toner. Try to swab your face with it a few times a day and it will clear the dirt, without making your face dry or oily. If you don’t want to spend the twenty-three dollars on the Clarins brand good old fashioned Witch Hazel from the drugstore will also do the trick!

Clarins Toning Lotion, $23.00


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Mad for Plaid Part II

Luella, Fall 2006

Vivienne Westwood Derby Wallet, $225.00

J.Crew Plaid Washed-Wool Scarf, $48.00

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Goodbye Forever 21, Goodbye Forever.

This is the part of the blog where I show off my investigatory skills. Though many of you may have already noticed this, my story has jokes!


In my life I have only ever bought two things at Forever 21. I may very well be a true snob but forever 21 seems to have trashier implications than its Swedish counterpart (and my all time favorite store) H&M. In college I avoided shopping there because it has a terrible reputation for inhumane labor practices. But a few months ago, like any true shopping addict the smell of cheap clothing and something new to wear on a Friday night seduced me. So I paid for my 8 dollar t-shirt and went on my way with my little yellow plastic bag. On the plastic bag was printed “forever 21” (duh) but there was a smaller marking on the bottom. Are you ready for this: John 3:16.

I don’t know much about the bible, but that seemed to draw resonance in my small catalog of bible references. I hoped maybe it was just denoting the bag manufacturer and the size of the bag? That’s possible right? Maybe in a completely religious-free act every bag is marked with someone’s name and birthday? I didn’t want to think about it. I don’t like church in my state and I really don’t like it all up in my tank tops. For the moment I chose ignorance. But last week after another purchase there it was on the bag again. This time a friend more inspired, or rather disgusted, decided to figure out exactly what this meant. Here is what she found:

“ok– this is john 3:16
‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’
get it? eternal- like forever 21…”

I’m not sure what all that means but I am pretty sure that by “eternal life” God didn’t mean for people to live in a state of prolonged adolescence, whoring themselves out in overly-trendy tank tops made by unpaid Chinese laborers who arent allowed to go to the bathroom.
But then again it’s hard to know exactly what God is thinking.

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Project Runway!!!

Project Runway is Back! Project Runway (A.k.a. The best show in the history of television) began its third season last night. If you have never seen this show, now is your chance to begin the season. If you dont have cable, get it. If you work wednesday nights at 10pm, quit your job. Trust me. *For addicts like myself don’t miss Tim Gunn’s Blog.

My opinions so far: Favorite designers Last night were Brandon (down skirted dress with jacket) Michael (coffee filter dress) and Robert (cute bejeweled cocktail dress)
As for last night’s winner, Keith: He is going to prove to be a monster, that much is certain!

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Its All About the Men’s Section

It’s a bit late in the summer to be looking for sunglasses but since I absent-mindedly left mine somewhere in Soho I have been forced to start my search in mid-July. First things first: Bypass the women’s section completely. I see now that the new rule of design for women’s sunglasses is to attach as much glitter, gold, rhinestones, and generally tacky found objects to the frames and then tint the lenses pink or purple. If you would like the pair of glasses I just described then by all means stop by the women’s section, however kindly log off this blog immediately.
The men’s section is where all the good glasses are. As for men I’m not sure where you should go because the selection seems somewhat “gay” for a guy. . . I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’d rather look like a homosexual man than a tweaked out girl. Anyway, the Dior Homme sunglasses are particularly nice and fit really well.

Dior Homme Sunglasses. Prices Vary from store to store, $200-$289.00

Our trip ito the men’s section doesn’t end with sunglasses. In a special “Guest Hint” Built by Wendy herself shares her menswear pick:
“My latest obsession is men’s striped linen button down shirts at JCrew – they are all loose and soft. And like $60!”

J.Crew Men’s Linen Shirt. Now on sale for $19.99

Wear your linen shirt over a bathing suit now and stick it under a blazer in the fall. You dont have to shop in the men’s section to indulge in menswear. It’s all about menswear for women this fall which I love love love! Vests and loose wool trousers are a must but complete the look with designer androgyny: Oxford Heels. For an extra gender bender pair them with a frilly blouse or dress. I personally think nothing is sexier.

Moschino Oxford Pumps, $513.95

Marc Jacobs Velvet and Patent Leather Lace-ups, $420.00

Via Spiga Black and Ivory Oxford Platforms, $201.95

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Broke and Hot: Fall Fantasies Abound

Frusterated that I have yet to find my ideal summer dress (or four or five of them) I spent my weekend lamenting the heat and starting my Fall Wish List.

Miu Miu Moccasin Boots

Hermes Punk Cuff

Large, Drapey, Embroidered Pashmina

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