Would You Like Poo with Your Pizza?

So this is NOT fashion related but I must release this thought into the cosmos:
Has anyone noticed the similarities between Domino Pizza’s new brownie mascot “Fudgems” and David Cross’ performance as a turd in Michel Gondry’s short film “One Day?”


David Cross as Poo


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Meant To Be Together

Just as black and grey settle onto the racks for fall, I find myself craving color. What could be better than this shirt and belt combo popping out from beneath your winter coat?

J.Crew Floral Shirt, $98.00

Marni-esque Belt by Fourteenfifty, $165.00

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Dear The Gap


Dear The Gap,
I very much wanted to recommend a grey cable knit sweater-vest from your new Cotton/Cashmere Collection. I know you have had a rough time of it, that you are confused, scared, lost. You aren’t sure where you are going or where you came from. But hiring monkeys to build and maintain your website is just not the answer. It’s not good for you, and it’s not good for the monkeys. Your site is an unmitigated disaster. It is confusing, unfocused, most product links are broken. It’s actually impossible to buy something through your site! Perhaps this is actually a brilliant conceptual art project: An e-commerce site that refuses to conduct commerce? But had you just given in and sold me the sweater wouldn’t that have been more satisfying? For both of us?

I see that your site is scheduled for maintenance. Perhaps you already know the changes you need to make. I hope you can make those changes.

the hinter

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Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer

This is absolutely the most satisfying pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. It was a pain to find them in stores this spring but now that fall is coming discount site Bluefly.com is carrying the overstock at 1/2 Price in 8 colors and most sizes. The shape is perfect, the rubber sole is tasteful but adds comfort. They will make you feel like a delicate dancer, or at least mildly more complete as a human being. Grab them while they last!
(*hint for the online shopper: These shoes seem to photograph a little brighter than they appear in person, especially the metallic colors.)
Delman Duet Flats in Antique Gold, $147.00

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Big Black Bags are my craving for fall. Unfortunately you have to take out a bank loan to buy a decent bag these days. But we gotta put our stuff in something! (And when I say something, I ideally mean a $1600 Chloe Tote gifted to me by adoring blog patrons.)

Chloe Large Leather Tote, $1585.00

Beckett Chain Bag, $539.00
(This Beckett bag is actually dark Brown, but still fits the bill. . .so to speak.)

Ellen Tracy Hartford Frame Satchel, $271.95

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