Nailing It

There is nothing I love more than a pair of freshly painted nails and for the most part I have my color choices down to a science. Here are my staples!

Essie “Wicked.” An ode to Chanel’s famous “Vamp” color. This is the perfect shade for winter manicures (wearing it right now) or toes year round.

Essie “Bordeaux.” A bit lighter than “Wicked” and darker than “Port.” The perfect in between shade of red.

Essie “Port.” This is the ultimate bright, 50’s, pin-up red. Not too orange and not too purple. A really sexy semi-secret shade.

OPI “Pinking of You.” This is the perfect shade of bubblegum pink for spring and summer. Playful but not tacky.

Essie “Limo-Scene.” A good sheer neutral with a touch of pink. Great as a single coat when you’re running out the door.

*A note on French Manicures: They are not from France. From what I can tell they came from New Jersey and unless you are from New Jersey (and were unable to find a better way of expressing your state pride) you should never ever get a French Manicure. AND unless you want an earful don’t get me started on the infinite tackyness of a French Pedicure…

February 1, 2007. Uncategorized.

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