Uptown/Downtown: Two very different takes on Fashion Week

Manhattan is an island divided into Uptown and Downtown. The physical line itself is not all that important;it’s about where you eat, where you shop, and of course what you wear. However, these days investment bankers live in the West Village, hip bloggers (ahem) live on the Upper East Side and the rest live in Brooklyn. So really the vision of a disparate Upper and Lower Manhattan are more about nostalgic fantasy and marketing than clear divisions.



Designer Bradley Scott debuted his first women’s collection at the Waldorf Astoria with all the Uptown pomp and circumstance you would expect from a designer targeting women who intend to pull off a distinctly Park Avenue appeal. Coats were taken at the door, white wine offered promptly, and I think I heard Enya in the background. The collection featured innovative fabrics, underscoring Scott’s past in textiles, and some quality detailing. A Mackage-style jacket with beautiful rauching and grosgrain trim could easily make its way below 23rd Street without a problem. While his targeted customer seemed to be a very specific woman (I imagined her lunching at Fred’s or at least effecting the look), he certainly accomplished his goal and provided a very saleable collection.





Downtown at the Chelsea Hotel with Doucette Duvall’s fall collection the look was decidedly Downtown and perhaps the very epitome of what you would expect from behind closed doors at the Chelsea- think Holly Golightly after a night of freebasing! The clothes themselves referenced a demure and Uptown class with retro cuts and confectioned details. The styling, with grungy tee’s layered under brocade dresses, mismatched knee-high socks, and mile-high teased hair, brought the collection out of its vintage roots and right back into the twenty-first century. Doucette Duvall is made up of Nolita poster-girls Annebet Duvall and Stephanie Doucette who are in their third year with the label. Simply put by Stephanie: “We make clothes that we would want to wear.” While they may prefer their Downtown haunts, the clothes are certainly free to go where they please — perhaps right into my closet!





All Photographs by Sai Sriskandarajah


February 9, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Helen Rice replied:

    loved reading this post, love the photos too.

  2. Bianca replied:

    I LOVE the Bradley Scott pics and story! Thank you!!

  3. Bradley Scott replied:

    What a beautiful write up – I so appreciate it and am very happy you were able to make it! Looking forward to the next one!!!
    Bradley Scott

  4. penny milo replied:

    Bradley Scott has created an unbelievable collection that I can’t wait to wear.

  5. Johanna Tiburcio replied:

    During fashion week I was able to see the Bradley Scott collection for Fall 2007 and I must say I love how sweet and feminine each piece was. I loved the soft palette and the playful silhouettes. It left me with the feeling of how wonderful it is being a girl !!

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