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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Sorry Patrons! I have been super duper busy and will be traveling around for the next week or so. Know that all my diversions will be leading to many exciting things including the Imitation of Christ show in L.A this week and an upcoming profile in Lucky Magazine. All very exciting stuff! I’m afraid postings will be a bit scarce ’till after the 26th but please please remember to check back then!
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Packing List

Thursday I’ll be headed for warm weather, sandy beaches, Ihop breakfasts, and gated retirement communities. That’s right, Florida!

Hanes Men’s V-Neck Undershirts, $10.00/ 3-Pack

J.Crew Madras Cover-up Shorts, $48.00

Luella Canvas “Geek” Tote

Erotokirtos Jersey Bubble Dress, $446.00

Devotte Studded Slingbacks, $255.00

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Life Saver

DDF’s Break Out Buster: Blemish Foaming Clenser, $30.00

A couple of weeks ago I took a chance on an unknown kid…at Sephora. Desperate to find a face wash that would truly prevent blemishes and break outs, I did some minimal research and went with the most reliable packaging. Needless to say I have been really happy with my choice. I wash my face with it most evenings and so far it has actually done everything its label claimed it would. (As not to jinx the effects I am typing this post with my fingers crossed– obviously I don’t have the strongest grasp of dermatological science.)

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Obsessed with…

Model Daria Werbowy’s tomboy chic. True, if the rest of us were that gorgeous we could wear oversized flannel shirts and tees everywhere and still look polished. It’s hard to separate her style from her beauty but there is an insouciance to her wardrobe that is so appealing to me right now.


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The Big Hitters Close Paris

Though the Chloé show had its moments it was a rough start for new designer Paulo Melim Andersson. The collection did not seem as easy or saleable as in past seasons. While pioneering a new direction is certainly admirable, for now it does mean fewer perfect wedges and baby doll dressed to covet in the fall. However Andersson still has time to make his mark with the French label.

Alber Elbaz delivered his signature sequence of jewel-toned satins—breathing life into the usual suspects with innovative tailoring and details. He pairs intellectual advance with the female form beautifully and indeed his talent is the ability to create something both thoughtful and wearable.

Louis Vuitton
While American designer Marc Jacobs is the current voice behind this French mainstay, he certainly knows how to keep it in the family. Showing his adaptability, Jacobs proved he knows the difference between American sportswear and French mode. The collection had a European air that was as subtle as the change in light.

Vionnet is now a rather obscure name but it was once the premiere design house in Paris. Madeleine Vionnet became famous for mastering bias cut gowns and elegantly pin tucking silk crepe, bringing the concept of a minimal masterpiece to fashion. I would like to have seen newly appointed designer Sophia Kokosalaki bring more of that history to the collection but perhaps those references are too obvious. Kokosalaki is reinventing the line, not re-creating it outright.

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It Shoe

Fashion editors in Paris are not waiting ’till spring to show off their double strap mary janes from Miu Miu’s spring collection. Can you blame them?

Miu Miu Vernice Chic Patent Leather Mary Jane, $430.00



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More from Paris

Sophia Kokosalaki

Dries Van Noten

Véronique Branquinho


Andrew Gn

Costume National

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Colored Jeans

I have already mentioned my craving for candy colored jeans. While I have yet to find perfect pink ones, I was happy to see that Urban Outfitters has fully embraced the trend and is offering some bright denim delights.

Urban Technicolor Skinny Jeans, $68.00
*You can call jeans colored- it’s not racist.

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Where were these at the Oscars?

Valentino put forth a beautiful collection of gowns for Fall ’07.
(P.S. I thought Dior looked like a charity auction of the wardrobe from Dynasty.)





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